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Ian M Simm




Hi. My name is Ian Simm.​

I'm 70 years old, married and a grandfather.

I live in Eye, Peterborough


In March 2009 I suffered a stroke  which left me unable to use my right hand.

  Although I had previously dabbled in art, I had never really done anything that I considered noteworthy. I haven't had any training in art or the use of the various mediums, and to be honest I had never found the time to "play around" with art.

  In Nov 2012, whilst on a 3 week cruise, I took part in a water colour painting course.  I thought it would be interesting to see if I could use my left hand to draw and paint.

  At first I found it quite awkward to do anything at all, but after a while it became easier, (sort of..).

Anyway to cut a long story short, when we came home I decided to carry on with my new found "skill", and "her in doors" said she liked some of my pictures, then friends and then somebody bought a painting and then....this website.


I watched a tutorial about painting and the artist said, "anyone can paint, it just takes practice."

It's true! If you keep trying and experimenting, you get better. I have put my "TRY-OUTS" on the "Voyage of discovery" button. I can see the improvement and I hope you can too.

  I mostly use re-cycled frames which I try to match to the "feel" of the painting and cut  MDF boards to fit the frames. The boards are primed and Gesso treated before use. Sometimes I cover the boards with muslin cloth to give it "a canvas look". If you would like to see the framed picture I can send a photograph via my "contacts" page.Also if you would like something or someone painted, just use the contact details,describing what you would like, with a photograph, and I will  get back to you.   

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you liked what you saw. I would welcome any comments you would have. Just use the contacts sheet.


Please come again.

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